It is a national association bringing together the local and provincial networks and associations throughout the country.  A body similar to the “Master Builders Association” assuring those looking for a builder or, in our case, a smaller accommodation establishment, that, if they choose a member, they will get good, reputable service, value for money and recourse if they don’t.

Why was it formed?

  • To solve in a tangible way, problems experienced by the smaller accommodation industry;
  • to strengthen the position of local associations by representing a greater number of establishments thereby enabling the NAA-SA to negotiate benefits for members from a much wider base;
  • to inform members of legislation applicable to the industry and by doing so, empowering anyone belonging to NAA-SA to comply; and
  • to prevent division in the industry by speaking in one united voice on matters that concern us.

What is its vision?

To have an organisation which has credibility with key provincial and national role players and which assists, supports and represents its members whilst striving to enhance the position of the smaller accommodation establishments in the hospitality industry.

de Pinna’s Executive Guest House Membership No: RB8001GTNAA

Contact National Accomodation Association of South Africa:

Tel: (031) 209 6787
Email: info@naa.co.za
Website: www.naa-sa.co.za