The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa was established in September 2000 by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, the honourable Mr Vali Moosa. The mandate of the TGCSA is to provide a framework and process for grading across all relevant sectors of the tourism industry in South Africa. The TGCSA: 1) is representative of the entire tourism industry performs a vital role in ensuring that a standard of quality; 2) is achieved across all the services and facilities offered by the South African tourism industry.

The achievement of this goal is made possible through the willing participation of the many establishments who choose to continuously improve and update the services they offer their customers. To ensure credibility and independence in measuring this grading system, a consumer feedback mechanism monitors the customers expectations. This valuable and impartial tool guides the grading system, always ensuring that the best established practices are followed and where adjustments or improvements are required, the establishment concerned is advised accordingly.

Because the grading system is market driven and voluntary it stimulates improvement throughout all levels of service offering. This process continuously encourages the industry to re-invent, revalue and grow itself. In doing so it provides another key in the overall development and transformation of tourism in South Africa.

Whilst the stars awarded are an important recognition of an establishments quality, what is perhaps of more importance, is an understanding of the philosophy of a shared responsibility and the end benefit this brings to the customer.

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